Why am I well suited for this position?


  • Eat, sleep, and breathe zero-days. I keep up to date on CVE’s, Twitter grumblings, and keep my network patched.
  • Like breaking things abnormally and fixing them. Like when a user does something weird, an we have to figure out how to avoid that in the future via automation.
  • Currently live in an application stack the department doesn’t have a load of first hand experience in, and I would provide useful and original ideas towards that stack. Those ideas would easily translate into the rest of the application stack.
  • Have a broad knowledge of our enterprise’s network topology, applications, and physical infrastructure.
  • Come from a “procedure based workflow” which fits due to the integrity needing to be upheld when it comes to security, stability, and usability of our platforms.
  • Have diverse experience in all three major operating systems our enterprise uses. (Mac, Windows, Linux) Creating solutions in a timely manner due to that knowledge.
  • Have In-depth knowledge of change management, and the work ticket process that is integral to the way Hormel makes changes to our platform.
  • Have no shame in asking the difficult questions if they help drive results, like evolving antiquated, and inefficient processes.
  • Am a documentation aficionado. The more the better, I don’t care for Tribal knowledge to keep myself relevant. I think EVERYONE in my department should know what I know. I’m a big believer in the “Bus Factor”.

I have an undying passion for technology, and making things that make life easier, for myself or for other people. I hope you take my application into consideration.