Cameron Heard

Contact Information

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Work Experience

Hormel Foods Corporation - IT Operations Technician / HelpDesk Technician (Oct ‘21 - Present)

  • Operating as a systems engineer in times of need.
  • Handling multiple side projects due to a passion for learning.
  • Lead SOC and Disaster Recovery, responding to extreme weather, power/WAN downtime, and cloud outages.
  • Managed Mainframe Enterprise Scheduling, working with Systems Programmers and analysts to optimize system performance.
  • Oversaw vSphere cluster management for 6,500 virtual machines across the globe on 1,500 hypervisors.
  • Provided L1|L2|L3 enterprise support, dealing with support triaging network issues, system failures, large scale damage assessment due to weather events, and hot fixing JCL.
  • Handled front line Cyber Security management, monitoring network for unfavorable traffic, suspicious SAN access, and attempts to restrict system access.
  • Provide Enterprise Desktop Support to 20,000 employees.
  • Create SOX compliant SOP’s for operational conformity.
  • Creating solutions to bring unintended problems to resolution. (Like when dev teams decide to push to prod without testing)
  • Experience in Linux System Administration: (10 years)
  • Enterprise Windows System Administration: (5 years)
  • MacOS System Administration: (3 years)
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics: (3 years)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: (2 years)
  • Broadcom ESP workload director DE / WA: (2 years)
  • Tableau: (1 year)
  • Informatica: (1 year)
  • IBM i system operations: (2 years)
  • IBM z/OS administration: (2 years)
  • Participated in SOX Auditing, ensuring aformentioned SOP’s concluded with intended results.

Managed Service Provider for local insurance agencies (Nov ‘19 - Present)

  • Provide fully managed IT services:
    • Fully managed Wireguard / OpenVPN tunneling services.
    • fully managed zero trust telework web application administration.
  • provide on-site and remote desktop technical support:
    • Break/fix and contract support.
    • Off contract printer support.
    • Hardware lifecycle.
    • F&P services with HIPPA compliant data destruction.
    • HIPPA compliant access control systems.

Tandem Products - Production Supervisor / Machine Operator (April ‘15 - October ‘21)

  • Acted as the company’s on-site IT, maintaining the network and keeping operations smooth, due to the companies MSP not being local.
  • Programmed PLC’s and other Industrial Automation equipment to bring a fully automated project online.
  • Used Microsoft Dynamics in a supply chain and scheduling role.
  • Operated machinery to produce open cast Urethane products


  • Self Taught / On the job training.
  • Lyle Public School
  • Google IT Support Professional certified
  • CompTIA Net+ A+ certified
  • ITL Foundation v4 certified

Personality Traits and Cultural Beliefs

  • Openly Neurodivergent.
  • I like helping people. I don’t expect an accountant or an HR specialist to know that for them to get updated AD groups they need to do a gpupdate /force
  • Deep passion for knowledge, particularly in relation to computers (hyper fixation for 20+ years).
  • Believes in a work culture where all employees help each other to be the best they can be.
  • Community-oriented, I like working for organizations that give back to their communities.
  • Co-worker well being - I find it being a duty to help coworkers in any way possible when they are going through illness or hardship.
  • Strong advocate for clear, accurate, and useful documentation to ensure operational conformity and frictionless protocols.